Funnier By The Lake

Comedy For Social and Non-Profit Events

Adding comedy to an event is always a good thing. We know this, because just about everybody attempts to bring humor to their speeches and presentations and programs. Just like anything else, in the wrong hands, this can at best garner polite chuckles and courtesy applause, and at worst completely blow up in the face of whomever organized the event.

Larry Bloom - Comedian Emcee Host at Promise Against Trafficking at Glen Flora Country Club

Larry Bloom as Emcee/Host for Promise Against Trafficking Fundraiser at Glen Flora Country Club in Waukegan IL

Retaining the hosting skills of one or more experienced writers and performers will pay off dramatically. For a social event like a birthday or anniversary party, it may be as simple as delivering the guests a hilarious night to remember. The benefits to a more structured and important event, such as a fundraiser, can be substantially more money raised. In both cases, a professionally hosted event adds value and the peace-of-mind that the programs will run smoothly and successfully.

Contact Funnier By The Lake Comedy today at 847.748.7490 to discuss how we can transform your upcoming events from ad-hoc, seat-of-the-pants efforts to amazing and fun experiences.


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